Monday, April 30, 2012

One Year Later

I really have to keep reminding myself that yes, it is actually basically May. Yes, it is already 2012. Yes, I will be graduating in less than 4 months. Yes, I did start this blog over a year ago.
I'm having a hard time keeping track of time right now. It's quite bizarre.

But anyway, this is a belated yay-I've-managed-to-stay-interested-in-this-blog-writing-thing-for-12-months only slightly self-congratulatory post.

[More congratulations, me. I managed to spell self-congratulatory right on my first try.]

I've been kind of bummed about the whole no computer thing, for some of the obvious reasons of course, but also because I don't get to blog anymore. It's been weird. I think about things that I want to blog about and then have no outlet for them. Unless I write them down for future reference. However, I have gotten to do tons and tons of reading in all this spare time that I've discovered. At least, what spare time wasn't consumed by papers and papers and papers that I've had to write.

So honestly, I don't think I would have been blogging much anyway since all my writing energies were going towards school. But I digress.

Well, it's been a month since my last post, and a year since my first post. Lots of stuff has happened in the between times.

For example, in the past month I:
  • Watched some fabulous movies, namely The Hunger Games.
  • Got to hang out with my sister for her birthday, which included me taking her to see The Hunger Games, bawling because she looks kind of like Prim, and then sharing cinnamon and salty pretzels with her.
  • Read 18 books, most of which were very wonderful.
  • Sang two of my absolute favorite anthems/songs with the youth choir at Easter.
  • Got a fabulous Easter dress.
  • Spent a lot of time at my internship.
  • Wrote a resume that might actually get me hired.
  • Cleaned and cleaned and organized and organized.
  • Spent very little time on computers, unless it was a Saturday afternoon and I was at the library.
Also happening this month: lots of episodes of this show.
And over the past year, I:
  • Read 63 books in 4 months. I feel pretty confident in my goal of 150 for the year.
  • Watched some fabulous movies, like The Hunger Games and Vicky Christina Barcelona and Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter [well, it had its moments].
  • Took a bunch of classes, some of which I really liked.
  • Made some progress in figuring out what I want to do with myself when I'm finally done with school.
  • Slept. A lot.
  • Went to Peru!!!
  • Was adventurous in trying new foods.
  • Watched a lot of figure skating. And read a lot about figure skating. And wished I could go see figure skating competitions live.
  • Gained three new baby cousins. Plus one more in May. I also got to hang out with the first one when she was one week old. Basically, nothing beats a one-week old baby.
I feel silly and sentimental talking about all this, kind of like it's New Years, except in April. Which I guess could be construed as the same concept as Christmas in July, right? That's what I'm going with.

Now I suppose since I'm at the library, I should actually try and get some homework done. Otherwise this rambling would just keep going and going and going...

Or I could just catch up on my TV. That sounds like more fun.